Children’s books on the history of mathematics since 1636

In Spring 2019 students in The History of Mathematics Since 1636 (MATH 108B PZ) researched, wrote, and illustrated children’s books on a wide variety of topics. These (mostly biographical) books combine illuminating illustrations, motivating plots, and carefully annotated endnotes. With the students’ permission, pdfs (some in reduced format) are available for download below. If you are interested in a higher quality pdf, please let me know.

Euler’s Letters to a German Princess

The Mathematical Journey of Yamaguchi Kanzan

Évariste Galois: the young mathematician


Alicia Boole Stott: life in a higher dimension

The Life of Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ramsey’s Robots

Emmy Noether: the mother of modern algebra

Bourbaki: the sum of their parts

More than math: the life of Olga Alexandrovna Ladyzhenskaya

The Life of José Ádem

The Wonderful Web of Mathematics: exploring collaborative math with Paul Erdös (this is amply illustrated and thus too big of a file to attach here)

Algebra through its history (Spring 2017)

In Spring 2017, I taught a history of algebra course that culminated in writing scripts or films designed to introduce algebra concepts through history. With the students' permission, these are available for teachers and students of algebra to learn more about the context in which concepts were developed and evolved. Each script or film is accompanied by an introduction that discusses relevant common core algebra standards and a conclusion that provides a few sample problems connecting the historical material to practicing algebra today and suggestions for further reading. 


Algebraic symbols and Diophantus

The Babylonian algorithm

Coordinate geometry with Descartes

Finding maxima with Descartes and Fermat

Irrational numbers with Euclid and Hippasus

Probability with Pascal and Fermat

Quadratic equations through history


Symbolism through history movie

Symbolism through history intro and bibliography

Symbolism through history problem set

Word problems through history movie

Word problems through history intro, bibliography, problem set